About Healthy Coffee Lifestyles

Mission Statement

Here at Healthy Coffee Lifestyles Coffee is an art not a process… In order to be the best, we intensely focus our artisan sensibilities on doing one thing well… Coffee!
Our mission is to source exceptional coffee beans from around the world to create healthier coffee lifestyle for you.
We are committed to providing the highest quality ingredients and roasting standards, while focusing on crafting the richest tasting coffee experience and outstanding customer service.

What Inspires Us

Originating in 1989, as a small roasting facility, our knowledge, experience, vision, and team of dedicated people has grown and matured to who we are today... Healthy Coffee Lifestyles. 
We have been infrared roasting coffee for decades. Our love for coffee, its aroma, its flavor, and the magical way it brings people together is what inspires us to continuously strive to make the finest, most delicious tasting coffee in the world. 


We have great respect for the impact that has on industries, people, and communities around the world. 
We are committed to supporting environmentally sustainable farming and production practices that provide economic stability and a higher standard of living for farmers and their families. We are proud to offer coffees that meet strict USDA organic standards and support fair practices. 
Our enduring relationship with global suppliers provides us with the highest quality coffee beans, AA Arabica, and allows us to operate under the highest ethical business standards. 
We have a Quality Assurance Program that is one of the most extensive in the industry and helps guarantee each cup of coffee will be its very best.